SEO for Casino Websites: A SEO Case Study for the Bet and Gamble Industry

Casino Search Engine Optimization is to provide a better organic search performance for websites from the gambling market and industry. SEO for Casino Websites involves competitive branding, historical data, search sessions, Information Retrieval, and Extraction optimization for gambling types and betting industries. Search Engine Optimization for casinos and casino affiliate websites is implemented with numerous authors, outreach teams, and different types of SEO understandings such as technical, local, and off-page SEO. The SEO Case Study for the Casino Websites explains the process of the SEO Project to accomplish organic traffic increase and an explanation for the changes.

The SEO Case Study for the Casino Industry involves two different websites. Those two other websites are optimized for Semantic SEO.

To understand the context of the Casino SEO Case Study, the key points are given below.

  • During the Casino SEO Project, the author team has been trained with more than 15 hours of education.
  • During the Casino SEO Project Case Study, the company’s SEO was trained for 10+ hours.
  • During the Casino SEO Project Case Study, the articles were revised and changed in sentence structure.
  • During the Casino SEO Project Case Study, the Semantic SEO basics have been taught to the client.

The Results for the Casino SEO Project are below.

  • 75% Organic Click Increase for the last 3 months.
  • 55% Organic Impression Increase for the last 3 months.
  • 291% Organic Query Increase
  • 274% First 3 Ranking Organic Query Increase
  • 338% first 10 ranking Organic Queries Increase
  • 98% Organic Click Increase for the 3 Months of YoY.
  • 34% Organic Impression increase for the 3 Months of YoY.
  • 132% Organic Click Impressions for the Last 28 Days of YoY.

The SEO performance results above belong to the first Casino Affiliate Website, …

During the Casino SEO Case Study, the topical map and the semantic content network have been configured slightly to implement different languages, locales, and a second, or even a third, website. 

However, the Casino Client has been warned not to use the same content strategy for more than 3 websites. The second website follows the first website with a similar configuration; thus, the results are more minimalist.

 The second website’s Casino SEO results are below.

  • 212% Organic Query Increase
  • 165% First 3 Organic  Ranking Query Increase
  • 296% First 10 Organic Ranking Query Increase
  • 42% Organic Click Increase for the Last 3 Months
  • 6% Organic Impression Increase for the Last 3 Months

The name of the second Casino Website for the SEO Project is

The SEMRush results for … are below.

The Ahrefs results for … are below.

agvMRvnTDUtV78G Fxj5kQLzc2apdwpH7E02kmMh2Dr73 273WskP9PPeNjzI g5gVIyRtMayPEeVMeg4 JBsyU nG cW4O LQlo8hbzpWG1SdwcnRgkt5OD 3lIjSZu23KZfcGM

The Ahrefs result for is below.

VJW5CqHV8JU s6LzJ0WhjvVkMj Ia3FKhlRr3T WxEqEXENULt8BHot QolKODT7aIYm1EPTP7mbTrS7 e mvGSIBAa7uaHIGvrdNpjFBbeiyq3U8E2mFXtIkgXU9WoM9Om49i O

After explaining the results of the Casino SEO Case Study, the methodology, background of the SEO Project, and the training methodology of the team, along with the Semantic SEO Understanding for Casino Websites, will be processed.

The last 6 months of traffic change and improvement for the Casino SEO website are below.

wFtZCDBTNSA5wq5m fuhjYXO7 Q6EDkS3WG1vpCZdr9bzAW18cggIoHO5v EGpxAMOaH4cifjSTJqDSD2TufBaq fBkF1ZTU kItKVeUOSkZnr5fX68VB72KCh7I8ZLyYEPHqFB1

The last 12 months of organic traffic change for the Casino Website can be seen below.

The last 12 Months of Organic Traffic Change for the specific Casino Website is prominent to show the Semantic SEO implementation’s effect on the specific casino website. Implementing the same old methods with PageRank Hoarding, and having backlinks didn’t create a difference for the Casino Website until the education of Semantic SEO has been given to the specific website operators.

The Semantic SEO Education for the specific team is longer than 15 hours. It will be published within the Semantic SEO Course of the Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR in the practical Semantic SEO section.

Casino SEO and Off-Page SEO Campaigns with Branding

Off-Page SEO and Branding are prominent for the Casino SEO Projects. The Casino SEO Guide involves backlinks, PageRank, and Branding Campaigns because competitive queries require vast approval from the open web with hypertext. The problem with Off-Page SEO Campaigns in the Casino Industry is that it is costlier than the normal Off-Page projects. Most of the time, the Anti-SEO and Black Hat SEO are involved in the Casino SEO Projects. Managing a Private Blog Network and creating backlinks within the PBN requires a high-level understanding of the search engine’s spam detection and ranking algorithms. A website can increase its rankings when the links are removed from the website or the website. Or, a website can decrease its ranking if it is frequently linked to similar other websites.

bNPueHMOgQm9fJvvk5aigI0qPZOJ3ZYDVIh88159xpP4bsEYZ JOdsYyS4 A

The Last 6 Months of Organic Traffic Comparison for the Specific Casino Website with 37.90% Increase.

The next paragraph contains the author’s opinions on the Blackhat SEO for the Casino Industry.

I have worked in the Casino SEO Industry for more than 2 years. Most of the work that I have done was pure blackhat. I have managed a PBN with more than 16,000 websites, I don’t count the millions of web 2.0 single-page blogs, and social media accounts along with the botnets. Most of the blackhat SEO-related methodologies stopped working after the First Day of August 2018, the Medic Update of Google. Besides the PageRank manipulation, using popularity signals such as fake social media accounts or shares and the fake traffic from various pop-up ads brands worked before the Medic Update. After the changes during the medic update, most PBNs were dead, and the only way to continue to have a proper PBN for SEO is to create quality websites within the PBN, which is more expensive than the traditional methods. Thus, I don’t suggest using the blackhat methods in the Casino SEO Guide. Still, I know some situations where CTR manipulation, PageRank manipulation, fake traffic with Selenium, and other old methods work slightly compared to old times. But, none of those methods are cheaper than the quality white hat SEO work.

mDv9BZ61ak D7IoN5y3Z6DBIQBK3GPpMDaG6iE9O47 PS3zvzpFOS1ocMhlEJNt 3uWWqQV4DKt 8Nys5VAo9af3Ub4RQTPP5UQwlKd971eLYF3x yAaQ5Dw5mFXufAUZBM2eo6

The Organic Search Performance Comparison for the Last 3 Months as Year over Year for the Casino SEO Case Study Project Website with 98% Organic Click Increase.

Because of the Google Medic Update 2018, using the white-hat link-building campaigns with Digital PR and actual quality content that provides unique value is better. To explain all the balance between the PageRank Hoarding, Sculpting, and the PageRank Manipulation Detection Algorithms of the search engines, an entirely different book can be written. To use the Off-Page SEO properly with the Casino SEO, having the backlink sources of the competitors and their backlink sources in the backlink profile of the casino websites is necessary. In a link graph, a website can have a better position for having a better reference value. If a website links out 200 different domains, search engines can take only the most linked 5 domains to be considered as a “good reference.” Thus, having random links from random sources is not good for the Topic-sensitive PageRank and Cautious Surfer models and understandings. Creating a proper natural backlink and PageRank flow profile with a natural velocity and anchor text distribution from different sources from the link graph is necessary for Casino SEO.

hit 1m3hNWvJG3G2ajn6v 3lDg1HxUsyFSP3qpeyC3p11aLNVt7LbGduAbJhzoehzyJtH2vAzWIboJPeUbOYfyoCHutbVwpoXYPXllqZ OF71eWTa0LDDwp1HodqP4DZgl05N1Mt

The Last 3 Months of Organic Traffic Increase for the Casino SEO Case Study Website with an %80 increase.

Is it an Obligation to Use PageRank for Casino SEO?

No, external PageRank is unnecessary for ranking websites in the Casino Industry. But, there is no web page on the open web without a PageRank value. Thus, having a PageRank to rank web pages is a normal and necessary argument. Having External PageRank via external links is not an obligation to use PageRank for Casino SEO.

1VE5qejMb Ijl gSuYzWy8TsS h PokCVwsh1rKRjwEiYy2ACyJlEo U8YpBuVGPnUj8ql8D1TdYd t2k7Pqw80rBjcXN72KIkGI5E4ATUwG e fpU5z6rLEeWE67 kMoBYFHOg

The Last 28 Days of Organic Performance Comparison of the Casino SEO Case Study Website with a 14% Increase. It shows that the same method still pushes the website further.

Is External PageRank used during the Casio SEO Case Study?

During the Casino SEO Case Study, the External PageRank is used by the client’s teams regularly. During the SEO Case Study for the Casino Industry, the subject websites are linked as in previous times, and most of these backlinks are not from authoritative or prominent websites. For 5 months, … has gained 3091 new backlinks, 3.9% of the total backlink count. The average Domain Rating (Ahrefs) of those backlinks is 16,81. The average referring domain for the backlink sources is only 1.71. The average external link count from these backlink resources is 391.87. The average traffic of these backlink URLs is 46. The average query count of those backlink resource URLs is 1.47. In other words, these links are not prominent, or different from those before. That’s why, the External PageRank is not the reason for this organic traffic increase, because competitors have earned more links in quantity and quality. And the specific websites ranked for the first time for most of those queries. Suppose a website ranks for the first time for a query and clusters of queries with different topics and connections by being competitors to entirely different websites. In that case, the previous backlink campaigns won’t help as existing topics.

Last 28 Days of Comparison for the Casino SEO Case Study Website with 118% Organic Click Increase.

The PageRank Flow and the Backlink Related sections are kept short and brief for the Casino SEO Guide and the Semantic SEO understanding. In normal conditions, PageRank-related articles should cover more sub-topics and areas. Still, since it is not the main method of the Casino SEO Case Study, I don’t want to cover things that can help “blackhat SEOs”, I will keep this section as is.

Semantic SEO and Casino Industry Websites

Semantic SEO is the process of search engine optimization based on semantics. Semantic Search Engines require semantic SEO for every vertical of digital marketing, websites, and web pages. There are more than 30 web pages with fundamental differences and millions of varying query types, along with trillions of query clusters. Thus, semantic SEO covers the entire search engine optimization process with information-tree or semantic content networks. To understand what a topical map is, and what a semantic content network is, read the articles below.

  • Topical Authority and Map
  • Semantic Content Network

Semantic SEO is implemented for the Casino Industry by extracting the relevant entities for the specific topic and contextual domains. The competitors’ existing structure, prioritization of the topics, creation of the topical borders, extracting of the query templates, and processing enough level of detail to create a contextual consolidation is the main methodology. The author training, content manager training, and Semantic Search Engine Optimization with entity-oriented search are implemented to create a Semantic SEO strategy for the Casino Industry.

How to Extract Related Entities for a Casino Website?

The industry borders and the website’s context are processed to extract the related entities for a Casino Website. A casino website can provide different gambling games, from sports betting to board games or card games. A casino website can offer slot and chance games for various geographies. Thus, the entity types that can be processed for a casino website are listed below.

  • Gambling Types
  • Gambling Games
  • Gambling Game Rules
  • Gambling Game Tips and Guidelines
  • Gambling Game Bonuses
  • Gambling Games for Specific Locales
  • Gambling Games for Specific Demographics
  • Online and Offline Casinos
  • Online and Offline Casino Attributes

The internal link flow, or the core section of the topical map, changes based on the needs of the specific Casino Website. Suppose the casino website is not an affiliate but entirely a new online casino. In that case, some of the sections for those entities are eliminated, and new types of entities are added.

During the Casino SEO Case Study, different topical maps, and sub-topical maps are created for casinos, casino types, gambling, gambling types, and rules along with the scientific approach for gambling.

How to Educate the Authors and Writers for Casino SEO?

To educate the authors and writers for Casino SEO, the sentence structures, phrase patterns, entity, and attribute pairs, order of facts, encapsulation of a context within a text block, context vectors, context vector flow, question formats, answer formats, and a certain type of semantic SEO related writing concepts are explained.

The Semantic SEO Authorship and Content Managership education for Casino SEO has taken more than 10 hours of lectures. Some of those lectures are put below as a repository screenshot.

image 2

How to Audit Authors’ Articles during a Casino SEO Project?

Three different phases and stages are determined to audit the Casino SEO articles. The first stage is that the authors write the articles based on the content briefs and guides. The second stage is the content manager and editors checking and auditing the articles. The last stage is that the Semantic SEO audits and improves the article with representative suggestions for the entire content network. A screenshot of the practical example of the multistaged article audits is below.

image 1

The “revised” and “unrevised” folders are the article folders for the Casino SEO-related articles for optimization. The articles below are representative of the revised articles.


How to Arrange the Internal Links for Casino Industry SEO?

To arrange and optimize the internal links for Casino Industry SEO, the existing websites must incorporate the new content pieces into the old articles. Even if a new article doesn’t link to the other sections of the website, and even if the old content pieces don’t link to the latest content items, still the search engine can relate these articles to a topic from a website. To optimize the internal links for Casino Industry Websites, the semantic SEO adds and arranges the anchor texts, link positions, link distance, link count per web page, and link coverage in the link source and the link target web page. The authors are audited related to the internal link adding an internal link removals or specifying the link’s context between the web pages.

How to Use Relevance Attribution?

Relevance Attribution is related to the crawl path and depth of the search engine along with the relevance of the web pages to complete a query network for possible search sessions. Web Page A might not link to Web Page B, but if Web Page A and B are relevant to the same topic and query network, they support each other for further rankings from the same source. The Relevance and Quality of a Web Page are attributed to the different web pages based on the relevance between the two web pages. Relevance Attribution is relevant to the crawl path and depth because these pages are kept close in the information tree so that they can refer to each other in the same query session. During the Casino SEO Case Study, relevance attribution is used by creating closely relevant web page content items across different connected sub-topics. Even if those pages do not link directly, the search engine can understand the semantic connections between the web pages from the same website. A new information tree has been created to use the Relevance Attribution further, and the content items are prioritized based on their semantic relevance and distance.

How to Use Relevance Radius?

Relevance Radius and Attribution are two connected concepts for Semantic SEO. A document from a web page can rank for a bigger query network even if it doesn’t provide enough information. It happens because the web page is more rankable with a better relevance radius overall. The “Radius” term is used in Local SEO to determine for which locales the business is ranking. The Relevance Radius is relevant to the Context Vectors, and Contextual Domains. A web page can rank for further queries than usual by creating a good Contextual Consolidation. By providing the Relevance Radius and Attribution improvements, a single web page ranks for more queries, and every impression from every query supports the same web page for further rankings. Casino SEO Case Study and Guide involves the relevance radius and relevance attribution concepts to support the Semantic SEO Understanding.

These two concepts will be processed in future SEO Case Studies with further details.

How to Keep the Content Publication Frequency Higher than the Competitors?

To keep the content publication frequency higher than the competitors and make search engines crawl and find new content items from the websites to improve the topical authority, new writing skills and techniques are taught to the semantic content authors. The query templates and question formats require certain types of search intent classification with certain types of contextual vectors, structures, and context flows. Thus, authors are able to write about certain topics faster. Casino SEO Guide and Case Study involves the content publication frequency and new writing methodologies for multiplying the information amount per web page by providing better growth. The discovery for the specific content pieces is higher than the competitors. Thus, the crawl demand and the crawl frequency are higher than before and the competitors are too.

r0lU6x NMSdzl2L waxTLcLNFD0PFgHauzizHB3R

The crawling frequency and the profile change can be seen by …’s crawl frequency.

szGJMF52p9AYZO4OMtbJMQs2xqi7xDIr5GvhWoJNIVTOawMSA2EqIefx9FTSBWsnUtvHaSUw 8ltZHFhafMLkY7CT6SN DI P5mLmhU4I2 DDgf FEvwJii4smtcU5cItsU6AHnR

The crawl stats for the Casino Websites can be seen above with the higher content publication frequency.

Technical SEO for Casino SEO Guide

Technical SEO is implemented in the Casino SEO Guide. Decreasing the non-200 status code hits, and increasing the HTML request count by limiting the other types of resources, are necessary for Technical SEO in the Casino Industry. The Casino Industry has many websites with high PageRank, comprehensive content networks, and vast historical data. Thus, PageSpeed Optimization, Structured Data Usage, and Search Engine Understanding with further Technical SEO Improvements for Web Accessibility and Progressive Web Applications are necessary sub-verticals of Casino SEO.

During the Casino SEO Case Study, the client team was educated on connecting Semantic SEO to Technical SEO with further data provided at a lower cost. In the context of the “cost of retrieval”, the search engines’ point of view has been explained for decreasing the cost while increasing the information value per hit. Thus, the Technical SEO’s purpose for the Casino Industry Websites is to provide better clarity and crawlability for the existing web pages. The decrease in the indexation time and first crawl time from the Googlebot increased along with the total crawl hits.

The News Content of the Casino Website has been processed as a cost-demanding website section without providing actual value for the relevance. Thus, the news section’s differentiation from the actual content sections, gambling games, game rules, tips, books, or even gambler types is suggested. The News Section’s traffic can be seen below.


In terms of the topical relevance and being existing for every vertical of the SERP, news content for casino websites is prominent and useful. But, this should be done for the same web entity without creating an extra cost for crawling, indexing, and PageRank dilution.

Structured Data Usage for Casino SEO

Structured Data Usage for Casino SEO involves using structured data code blocks to explain the web page’s purpose for a search engine crawler. Structured Data Types that can be utilized for the Casino SEO are below.

  • Organization Structured Data for the Website’s Itself.
  • Review Structured Data for the Reviewed Casinos
  • Article Structured Data for the Informational Content
  • FAQ Structured Data for the Articles and Better SERP Estate along with better understandability from the search engine side to show the question-answer pairs
  • Logo Structured Data to show the Logo of the Brand
  • Event Structured Data for the gambling and sports-related events.
  • Breadcrumb Structured Data to show the site tree and information-tree
  • Video Structured Data for Video-Related Content in the Casino Industry
  • Sitelinks Searchbox to show the Search URL Parameter of the Website

The Review, FAQ, Article, Breadcrumb, Video, Event, and Logo Structured Data Types are used during the Casino SEO Case Study.

J32tTwnuDDx6 Hm3saAmnqzqbFEs6X6EoJ83rjF3kdY8U8PjZ8tBADtfH rVpscQmLsYT82 eYZCMaf4Mqy u7uXpjXMXhbUGFbkPHY2r8H Vc xzPCA q8LtmlioKv6oWQJqjf

The Casino SEO Case Study with the Second Website’s Organic Search Performance with the Last 3 Months in Year over Year with 27% Organic Click Increase

PageSpeed Optimization for Casino SEO

PageSpeed Optimization for Online Casino involves decreasing the request count, and size, while increasing the User Experience during the web page loading process. Improving the web page loading time performance metrics involves the page speed metrics below.

  • First Input Delay
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Time to First Byte
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

Casino SEO requires optimization for PageSpeed to provide better crawlability and decrease crawling and indexing costs. The user experience metrics for the page loading timing are prominent for the search engines, especially if there are many alternative websites for the same query. An active PageSpeed Optimization was not implemented or followed during the Casino SEO Case Study. However, during the educational sessions, its prominence for the high-level competitive websites and its connection to the search session logs are explained. The mobile Core Web Vitals scores of the casino SEO case study subject website are below.

378ga kv31wZ0MFAsFJnusI070Rn4U9S9tu63z6dlZBb6B78br7SQitkkcod6iP7Qoxd3HtYWCn6XXjdzp K1S5G9PtziKpjevMHHG6PBbrLqXpAsOyKaI060L8SVpzju302yl8E

Web Accessibility for Casino SEO

Web Accessibility for Casino is to provide a usable website for people with disabilities. Web Accessibility for Casino SEO is a prominent optimization. Providing better usability for every type of user is an important quality differentiating. Most Casino Websites and Casino SEO Projects do not focus on web accessibility. Connecting every HTML Section to a content item, naming the content sub-items with ARIA Labels, and helping screen-readers to follow the content flow is a prominent SEO step for casino websites.

During the Casino SEO Case Study, the web accessibility is not improved actively. Still, its prominence is transferred to the client teams in the context of quality assignments, historical data, session logs from the search engine side, and authority understanding of the search engines. Semantic HTML usage is necessary and prominent for Semantic SEO and Technical SEO along with Web Accessibility at the same time.

Notes about Source Shadowing

Source Shadowing means that a website can take the authority, and organic visibility of another due to the highly similar content structure. Clustering the similar content items with a similarity threshold and choosing a cluster representative involves Link Inversion and other broad explanations of search engines. Even if it will be processed in the future, a couple of notes and examples for showing why the second website is not ranked as well as the first one can be seen below.

vak9MmkILURqcE EgM3jWEWG2iiZujm1Djd8WM8AEKlo6V QU9509vQJrsam0hHjnZZe4 LrBy8hzUSWZYWGoUW7FGnP1aCQjQEwKBBHUh7z7WPkCHqsqBHzSJMoyo mOOw6r9O1

The Mobile Core Web Vitals Situation of the Second Website from the Casino SEO Case Study. It has a weaker Technical SEO, Coverage, and Prominence on the web. It uses the first website’s content network with small configurations since its weaker situation can be seen from the desktop URLs’ Core Web Vitals.

Most of the Structured Data Types are not used for the second website. It has better crawl stats than before, but still, it is not as cheap as the previous website.

Vk0C87KvY4S3Ep9d8pMPerw YcT9PaWsu7ImOeYNSi1FLdvX Vu21xZN C3 XSFY 5Zns4J k1hTjKybd rpEtodEY

The same situation and consistency can be seen in the crawl settings profile of the second website with a lower HTML and higher Image request count.

LqdX 7ab yVbRYr31nt3NcVrrCCBv

A similar situation of the Source Shadowing has been seen within the Topical Authority SEO Case Study too. (Second Website from the Topical Authority SEO Case Study) has been shadowed by (The First Website from the Topical Authority SEO Case Study). The uses the Content Network of the GetWordly with small configurations, and it has a smaller topical map, thus its traffic is equal to 3/1 of the Both websites are classified together for Search Engine Updates due to the similar content networks and web page layouts. A YouTube Video has been published about the Shadowing of a Source, it can be found below.

Source Shadowing can be seen during the Broad Core Algorithm Updates. A good example can be seen below during a Broad Core Algorithm Update. A website has earned all the impressions during the broad core algorithm update targeted by the semantic content network. However, it failed to be chosen by the search engine as the representative due to a lack of comprehensiveness and deepness of incorrect sentence structures. Thus, the next broad core algorithm update awaits the same re-ranking algorithm triggering.

joaYXynnQMO5x2rnIyzHmTmihMKHde9ZzxY3iY5r7JfcA2wfwO9Gjb OINKYoqNfFCaKgr0x EHTYA9MjRmNDubPOZCeirsYv0G6Y3ejyvU77WLNOAxbh3 M3fcZldYK4X 4bBwD

The Casino SEO Case Study, with a brief explanation of Source Shadowing, can show how a search engine chooses one website over another.

Multilingual SEO for Casino SEO

Multilingual SEO involves the SEO for multiple regions and languages. The Casino Websites are usually multilingual and multiregional. Thus, understanding Multilingual SEO is prominent for Casino SEO. Semantic SEO is language-agnostic. Thus, the same Semantic Content Network and the Topical map are applied for the further languages and regions by translation. Translating a Semantically Optimized Content Item is easier because a computer can understand the content and sentence structures much faster and easier. During the Casino SEO Case Study, the same content is used for multiple languages by translation. This helped for a better authority, understandability, and historical data along with the Topical Authority. That’s why the active web page count increases faster than the competitors, as below.

s oT3ZoRwmTj OogIqWHMWChwxZhNxPEFaqxJNeyXhkTGQAYzayQJ4xo7C8TGDtfJpO90hQyKeWb2o8lr5Ih9WGTbRETm8xC3hinHwN6PUr dCQQKmeh4HNqmFST ewBSaOG1jdB

This approach provides better brand authority and topical relevance for the casino industry. To understand Multilingual SEO, read the related SEO Case Study and Guidelines.

Last Thoughts on Casino SEO and Holistic SEO

Casino SEO is not an entirely different SEO type, but it is an SEO understanding for a certain type of industry and the market. Holistic SEO is a mindset of SEO. The necessities and the requirements of Casino SEO relate to Holistic SEO because it requires different verticals of SEO. Casino SEO Guide includes Off-Page, Branding, and Semantic SEO, but Technical SEO and Local SEO understanding are used to provide better relevance and clarity between the queries and the search engines. Because a single locale name within the query and the web page trigger the localization and personalization algorithms of search engines, even the web page layout signals a different meaning for the same sentence within the web page. Thus, from technical SEO to Local SEO, the Semantic SEO processes for the Casino Industry involve multiple similar perspectives.

Is Casino SEO Difficult?

Yes, Casino SEO is more difficult than the other industry-focused SEOs such as the automobile industry. Casino SEO requires a deep understanding of the search engines with a high level of SEO reflexes and frequent changes in the SEO strategy. SEO-related outreach campaigns are implemented frequently, and providing a unique value proposition is harder. The legal concerns or situations that change from country to country affect the SEO strategies for Casino SEO.

How long does it take to see results for Casino SEO?

To see the results in Casino SEO, the changes on the source’s backlink profile or the website’s content network have to be changed by at least 15%. The changes in the content, and the website’s network to the open web, trigger a re-ranking. The broad core algorithm updates, spam updates, quality updates, product review updates, and other types of search engine updates affect the result’s arrival time for Casino SEO. Thus, between the 3 and 6 months, the initial results for search engine optimization for Casino can be seen. In this context, the usage of the different SEO perspectives and methodologies affect the SEO result timing.

Is Casino SEO Costly?

Yes, Casino SEO is costlier than other industries due to the high level of competitiveness, and frequent changes in the industry. The author count, content count, and SEO analysis frequency for the casino industry require a bigger budget for SEO.

Is Building Visibility for Casino Sites without External PageRank possible?

Yes, building visibility for Casino Sites with a Semantic SEO project and implementation is possible. A Semantic Content Network provides a better relevance and understandability for the specific web pages, even if there is no PageRank from external sources. The SEO Case Study for the Casino Industry demonstrates how to gain better rankings and comprehensive visibility with organic search via semantic SEO.

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