Extractive Summarization with BERT Extractive Summarizer

Extractive Summary Tool and BERT Extractive Summarizer

Extractive Text Summarization with BERT Extractive Summarizer involves summarizing an article with the extracted key information via BERT natural language model. Extractive summarization is to provide decreased memory usage while protecting the content’s value. Information about the content is protected via extractive summarizers. BERT is used to understand human languages via RNN, Attention mechanisms, and … Read more

SEO Chat: A Twitter Event for Innovating SEO

SEO Chat

SEO Chat is a Twitter Event that is performed over the #SEOChat hashtag to innovate the SEO. SEO chat Twitter Event is started by Mordy Oberstein to support the SEOs communication, friendship, and information share. SEO chat Twitter Events involve questions and answers related to search engine optimization. The digital marketing-related facts and SEO-related practices … Read more

Digital Marketing Statistics: List of Digital Marketing Facts for 2022

Digital Marketing Statistics

Digital Marketing Statistics involve the facts and dynamics of the digital marketing types, and efforts with numeric values. Digital marketing statistics demonstrate the changes and the trends for the online user behaviors for shopping, advertising, or searching. Digital marketing statistics are created by digital marketing research and education sources and organizations. A digital marketing statistic … Read more

What are Pop-up Blockers and How to Use Pop-up Blockers from Browsers?

Pop-up Blockers

Pop-up blockers that prevent advertising windows from being displayed in the browser are usually referred to as blockers. One could therefore also speak of ad blockers. Sometimes the so-called robots.txt is also referred to as a blocker. Pop-up blockers usually exist in the form of a browser plug-in or browser extensions for Firefox, Internet Explorer … Read more

Subscription Economy Model: Definition and Examples

Subscription Economy

Netflix does it, Swapfiets does it, Adobe does it: the subscription economy has been the cross-industry growth trend in recent years. The concept is simple: a subscription system that leverages the technical advantages of digital transformation and helps companies grow. What is so attractive about it, especially in the 21st century? The “As a Service” … Read more

What is the IKEA Effect? What Causes the IKEA Effect?

IKEA Effect

In behavioral economics, the IKEA effect is the increase in appreciation that is shown to self-designed or at least self-assembled objects in comparison to mass-produced products that are bought ready-made. The name after the furniture manufacturer IKEA and its products to be assembled by the customer was coined in 2009 by the economist Michael Norton. In terms of quantity, the increased appreciation achieved through the self-assembly of a mass-produced … Read more

What Is Buzz Marketing? Buzz Marketing Examples and Definition Explained

What is Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a digital branch of recommendation marketing. It is closely related to word-of-mouth marketing, in German: word of mouth. This type of marketing aims to ensure that so-called buzz agents are among friends and acquaintances, but above all online, e.g. on social media platforms, talk about a product, initiate conversations and communicate recommendations. … Read more

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page

Landing pages are web pages that potential customers come across through a web search, advertisements, or other marketing measures. The page is usually accessed by entering the URL directly, by clicking on a banner or ad or using the organic search results of search engines. However, it is usually not accessible via the navigation menu of a … Read more

What is the Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)?


The return on capital employed, or ROCE for short, is one of the key indicators of profitability and shows how large the return on capital employed is. To this end, the ROCE compares the operating result before taxes and interest (EBIT) with the assets tied up in the company. These assets correspond to the total capital minus short-term liabilities and cash and cash equivalents. This … Read more

What is the Return of Investment (ROI)?

What is the ROI

Return on Investment literally means the return of the investment; that is, capital. The ROI is thus a calculation parameter or an entrepreneurial key figure that provides information about when an investment paid off or whether it is profitable. One also speaks of return on capital, return on investment, or profitability. The profit is set in relation to the capital invested to … Read more

What is Click Fraud and How Can You Stop It?

Click Fraud Definition

Click Fraud, in English click fraud, refers to the creation of clicks with malicious or fraudulent intent. Clicks on advertising banners are artificially generated, behind which there is no intention to buy. The goal is either to increase your own income through advertising banners or to push the budget of the competition so far that their banners … Read more

What is Cost Per Click (CPM): Definition, Examples, Best Practices

What is CPM

The term cost per click (also called CPC as short) describes a method for billing advertising costs in online marketing. The CPC model is used to determine how much an advertiser has to pay if their advertising costs are billed using the Pay per Click (PPC) payment method. Various payment models exist for advertisers on the Internet. One … Read more

What is Flywheel Marketing Model and Strategy?

Flywheel Marketing Model

With the circular model, you use satisfied customers as an impulse to generate recommendations and further sales. In other words, your business is picking up speed. So we’re not just talking about any new marketing trend here. It’s not just about exchanging a term. We’re not just redefining the same process a bit. If you no longer view … Read more

What is KPI? Definition, Examples, and Best-Practices

What is KPI

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are simple and understandable performance indicators. The performance that a business unit provides is measured and presented in the form of a key figure. A division can be an individual employee, a team, a department, or the entire company. The key figure shows whether the respective area fulfills its purpose and to what extent … Read more

What is a Customer Journey? How To Create a Customer Journey Map?

Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the experiences that customers have while interacting with a brand or on the way to buying a product. It shows the individual steps and the points of contact (touchpoints) between the company and the customer. Mostly diagrams and tables are used for this representation, but above all infographics. … Read more

What is Call To Action (CTA)? How to Use CTA in Digital Marketing?

What is KPI

In marketing, the term “call-to-action” or “CTA” describes the active impetus for realizing the economic or strategic goals of an advertising campaign. It asks the consumer to take concrete action. The CTA often embodies the actual intention of a marketing campaign. Because as soon as the consumer has become aware of what the advertised product or service … Read more

What is Press Release? Press Release Examples and Guideline

What is Press Release

Press releases are texts that inform press representatives about the latest news from companies, institutions, or associations. The aim is to influence the public’s perception of the company through editorial reporting in the media. A press release is a tool for public relations. This proven medium is by no means, as often claimed, on the descending branch – … Read more

What is Lead Generation Marketing? A Guide for Beginners

What is Lead Generation Marketing

A lead  (plural leads ) is a term from the sales/marketing and describes a contact initiation and/or supply of contact information by a potential prospect. One speaks of a “qualified lead” when a potential customer confirms his interest (corresponding to a non-binding purchase intention). Lead marketing or lead generation marketing describes the process of arousing the interest of potential customers … Read more

What is Content Seeding? What should you know?

What is Content Seeding

Content Seeding is a planned approach to spread to content on the web. The content creator specifically contacts relevant influencers to persuade them to disseminate their content and use the relevant channels to distribute the content. The influencers use their own networks to disseminate this content. With this approach, marketers aim to increase the awareness of its own brand and the … Read more

What is Guerilla Marketing? Everything You Need to Know

Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing describes a special form of marketing that relies heavily on the surprise effect. It is often characterized by the principle that a small advertising impact can have a great advertising effect. The idea of guerrilla marketing goes back to marketing professional Jay C. Levinson, who developed the basic concept in the 1980s. Guerrilla … Read more

What is NeuroMarketing? Everything You Need to Know

Neuro Marketing

Neuromarketing is the application of the neuro-economic approach to sales-related issues. While neuroeconomics tries to understand and explain economic decision-making processes with the help of neuroscientific methods, neuromarketing uses the same methods and the knowledge derived from neuroeconomics to optimize marketing processes. Neuromarketing is therefore an interdisciplinary research area in the field of market research, … Read more

What is SWOT Analysis: A Guide for SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is indispensable in the context of business development projects. Therefore, it is recommended as an instrument in almost every strategic context. The SWOT Matrix is probably the best-known tool in the field of strategic marketing management. The SWOT analysis is an internal analysis of strengths and weaknesses and an external analysis of … Read more

What is Inbound Marketing? Why is it so important?

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is one of the many disciplines of marketing. The term has been increasingly propagated in the online marketing scene for several years. But what does this discipline actually include and how does inbound marketing work? Should an average marketing department deal with the topic? Many companies see the advantage of this form of … Read more

What is Eye-tracking: How to use Eye-tracking for Marketing

Eye Tracking

Eye-tracking means methods with which the eye movements of test persons are registered. The user experience (UX) is researched with eye-tracking. It provides information about the processing of visual information and the usability of a website or uses the software.  Various methods are available for examining the usability of websites and software. Subjects are often asked about their … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing: Ultimate Guideline

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of recommendation marketing and is mainly carried out via affiliate networks such as Zanox, Amazon, Affilinet and Belboon or directly. Both dealers and sales partners are registered with these networks. The Importance of Affiliate Marketing In English, “to affiliate” means something like joining together, joining. The partnership network helps companies … Read more

What is a Buyer Persona in Marketing?

What is Buyer Persona

A persona, called “buyer persona” in classic marketing, is a fictitious person who represents a specific user segment of a website. In the field of digital marketing, the characteristics of the persona are based on analytical user data. This data gives a clear idea of how users use a website. A persona is therefore an … Read more

What is the Page Impression?

Page Impression

Page Impressions (Impressions or Page View, abbreviated: PI) is a term from web analysis. This designates a visual contact or the page request of an entire HTML document with a browser. This is why the PI is often referred to as contacts. If page impressions are registered, there is usually no assignment to a specific … Read more

What is the WHOIS?

WHOIS Definition and Usage

A WHOIS (Who is?) Query gives you information about the owner data of a domain or you can find out whether the domain is still free. The query can include via web hosts and is freely accessible to everyone. While there are numerous registries for domains today, only DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, … Read more

What is Community Management? How to Manage a Community in Social Media?

What is Community Management

No matter whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another social media platform – if you create a company presence, you really have to be present. While the social media manager ensures the greatest possible reach and the establishment of a fan base through good, viral content, marketing campaigns, and a lot of interaction, the community … Read more

What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) describes (Internet) forms of marketing in social networks. A particularly key point of SMM is the interaction of the users with the advertising content and forms of advertising. According to the theory, users should simultaneously become customers and sales, or, recipients and advertisers of a brand, a product, or a service. … Read more

What are Influencers and Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who have certain popularity on the social web and therefore have a great influence on their followers. These are well-known people on the Internet, such as bloggers and Instagram users. Influencers (formerly Influentials) are well-connected multipliers, which through their popularity have a great impact on their fans, followers, friends, on Facebook, Instagram, … Read more

What is Big Data: Importance of Marketing

Big Data for Marketing

The mountain of data available on the Internet and in companies – this fact is described as big data – is getting bigger, more confusing, and difficult to process. Evermore technologically sophisticated tools and programs should tame the flood of data. Big data includes all data collections that cannot be evaluated using conventional data processing … Read more

What is the Banner Blindness?

What is Banner Blindness

Banner blindness is an Internet phenomenon in which visitors to a website consciously or unconsciously ignore the advertising banners placed there. The term was particularly coined by the work Banner Blindness: Web Searchers Often Miss “Obvious” Links by Jan Panero Benway and David M. Lane, published in 1998. Alternative names for the banner blindness are … Read more