E-commerce Statistics

E-commerce statistics involve how e-commerce is used for online shopping. E-commerce statistics are part of marketing statistics. E-commerce statistics are related to Online Shopping. E-commerce statistics for 2023 can be found below.

  • Global B2C eCommerce sales will exceed 4.5$ Trillion Dollars in 2023. Source: Shopify
  • 59% of shoppers believe that mobile responsiveness and usability are essential while shopping online. Source: Think with Google
  • 65% of the search traffic is generated from e-commerce sessions. Source: Statista
  • 51% of shopping events start with a Google search. Source: Think with Google

What is the projected global B2C eCommerce sales figure for 2023, according to Shopify?

According to Shopify, it is anticipated that the global Business-to-Consumer (B2C) eCommerce sales for the year 2023 will surpass an impressive milestone, exceeding a staggering $4.5 trillion dollars. This substantial figure underscores the continued and rapid growth of the eCommerce industry on a global scale. It reflects the increasing preference of consumers to shop online, driven by convenience, accessibility, and a wide range of products and services available through digital platforms. As more businesses and individuals embrace eCommerce as a primary means of buying and selling goods and services, this projection highlights the immense economic impact and potential for businesses to tap into this thriving online marketplace.

What percentage of shoppers consider mobile responsiveness and usability to be essential when shopping online?

According to Think with Google, a significant 59% of shoppers consider mobile responsiveness and usability to be absolutely essential when they engage in online shopping. This statistic emphasizes the critical role that mobile devices play in the modern e-commerce landscape and underscores the importance of providing a seamless and user-friendly mobile shopping experience to meet the expectations of a large portion of online consumers.

Where is 65% of the search traffic generated from e-commerce sessions?

As per Statista, an impressive 65% of the search traffic in e-commerce sessions is generated from within the e-commerce platforms themselves. This statistic highlights the significance of internal search functionality within online stores, demonstrating that a substantial portion of users rely on in-site search features to discover products, navigate the website, and make purchase decisions while engaging in e-commerce activities.

What percentage of shopping events begin with a Google search?

According to the data provided by Think with Google, 51% of shopping events begin with a Google search. This statistic underscores the pivotal role that Google plays in the early stages of the online shopping journey, as a significant portion of consumers initiate their product research and browsing by conducting searches on this popular search engine.

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E-commerce Statistics

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