Writing and SEO Tips for Your Business Website

The business world is getting more competitive every day. Thousands of new companies enter almost every kind of business and try to grab the market share, which is a serious concern for existing businesses. However, the companies who have learned how to survive the competition don’t need to bother the competition. Do you know the …

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On-Page SEO: Definition and Ranking Factors

On Page SEO

Search engine optimization has always been based on two pillars: off-page and on-page SEO (External and Internal Factors for Ranking a web entity on the SERP). As the name suggests, on-page SEO includes all internal website factors. They start with the content of the website, lead through the page structure, and internal links to meta tags. Anyone who …

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Alt Tag and Text for SEO: Definition and Best Practices

Alt Tag and Alt Text Optimization for SEO

The alt tag (alt attribute or alternative tag) can be used to mark images and graphics within an HTML document. If the image display is selected in a browser, the alt tag is displayed instead of the image. In the context of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is an important parameter in on-page optimization, since Google can understand better …

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What are Heading Tags: How to Use Heading Tags, Best Practices

Heading Tag Best Practices

The heading tag defines and classifies headings in HTML documents. For example, a first-order heading is defined or opened with </H1>. The heading is then closed again with </H1>. The headings are graded by the number behind the “H”. HTML documents can contain headings from H1 to H6. The heading tag provides an HTML Document with a structure or a hierarchy. A …

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What is a keyword: Everything You Need to Know

Keyword Research

A keyword, also a search term or query, generally designates an entered term in the search box of a search engine. This keyword is then treated by the search engines using their search algorithms and compared with the respective index. The user then receives a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that lists results for this keyword. For search engine optimization and online marketing, keywords play a fundamental role. To understand keywords, understanding Search Intent …

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What is Duplicate Content: Effects on SEO and Ways to Avoid

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content (“double content”, “DC” for short) is content that is identical on several pages on the Internet. These are not just copied texts, but above all completely identical individual pages. A distinction is made between internal and external duplicate content: Internal means that the same content is on one domain – for example, on HolisticSeo.Digital. External means …

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What is Thin Content? Why is so Important?

Thin Content

Thin content is the term for “thin” digital content that offers little or no added value to the user. Google officially rates websites as irrelevant and therefore thin content if they do not meet the requirements of the Webmaster Guidelines. The term thin content first appeared in 2012 when Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines were leaked. Since then, the word …

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What is Pillar Content and Topic Clusters?

Pillar Content

Pillar content is a strategy of content marketing that intelligently structures central and secondary content. The basic content is the actual pillar content around which topic clusters are grouped. The long-term effect of this approach is the position of an expert on a particular topic. For many keywords – especially long-tail keywords – this position has a positive …

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What is the Breadcrumb Navigation?

Breadcrumb Navigation for SEO and UX

Breadcrumb (English: bread crumbs, bread crumbs) is secondary navigation within a website. It is also known as breadcrumb or breadcrumb navigation or breadcrumb navigation. Breadcrumbs offer users the ability to find their way back to the home page or quickly reach other levels of the website. With the breadcrumb navigation, you can see which pages …

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