What is cURL? How to Use cURL? cURL and libcurl Guide

cURL is a command-line software to transfer the data through different types of network protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS. The cURL stands for Client URL. cURL is coded in 1996 with the name of “httpget”. The second name of the cURL was “urlget”. Daniel Stenberg is the main developer of cURL. cURL is used for fetching the currency exchange rates for the Internet-relay Channel users.

What is cURL?

The client URL command-line tool is used by developers to transfer data to and from a server. cURL allows you to communicate with a server by specifying the location (in the form of a URL) and the data you want to send. Many protocols are supported by cURL, including HTTP and HTTPS, and it runs on most platforms. Therefore, cURL can be used to test communication from almost any device (so long as it has a command line and network connectivity) from a local server to most edge devices.

Curl’s most basic command is “curl http://example.com”. Following the curl command is the URL, from which we want to retrieve data. So, the HTML source would be returned for example.com.

What are the advantages of cURL?

The advantages of the cURL are below.

  • cURL is portable and compatible with every operating system.
  • cURL is to test URL Endpoints.
  • cURL is useful to verbose, providing high-level details for the communication with the server.
  • cURL has an error logging module to help developers to debug the program.
  • cURL has a rate-limiting syntax.

Which HTTP Request Methods can be used with cURL?

The HTTP Request Methods that can be used with cURL are listed below.

  • GET: GET is used with cURL to provide resource retrieval from the web server. The resource can be an image or HTML file.
  • POST: POST is used to send data and the information to the web server for changing the web server’s existing data.
  • PUT: PUT is an HTTP method that can be used with cURL. cURL with PUT HTTP Method is to update a resource on the web server.
  • DELETE: DELETE is an HTTP method that can be used with cURL. DELETE is used with cURL to delete a resource.
  • Headers: Headers is a request method within HTTP to take only the HTTP headers, user-agent and more.
  • Body: Body is an HTTP method that can be used with cURL only for taking the response body. cURL and Body can be used via PUT and POST methods.

What are the cURL options?

The cURL options are listed below.

  • cURL command option -I
  • cURL command option -v
  • cURL command option -o
  • cURL command option –help
  • cURL command option –manual
  • cURL command option -C

Why is cURL good for Web Scraping?

What are the cURL Usage Examples?

What is libcurl?

Libcurl is a client-side URL transfer library. The libcurl can be used for the protocols and purposes below.

  • DICT
  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • Gopher
  • HTTP/1
  • HTTP/2
  • HTTP/3
  • HTTP Proxy Tunneling
  • IMAP
  • Kerberos
  • LDAP
  • MQTT
  • POP3
  • RTSP
  • RTMP
  • SCP
  • SMTP
  • SMB

The libcurl provides usability for the URL Scheme, TFTP, FTP uploading, HTTP from-based-upload, and HTTP Certificates. LDASP, proxies, user-plus-password authentication, and Telnet are the other supported protocols by “libcurl”.

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