HTML <dd> Tag Definition, Usage and Examples

The <dd> HTML Tag specifies a definition in the description list. The <dd> HTML Tag represents a detailed definition, concept, or value that is a member of a terminology group in a description listing, and is represented by the value of attribute. The <dd> HTML Tag is used in HTML documents to establish a definition or explanation for the keyword contained in the following <dt> HTML Tag, and it is contained inside a description list within the HTML text. The <dd> HTML Tag is part of the List tags category in HTML Element Reference. The attributes of the <dd> HTML Tag are the global and event attributes.

<dd> code block example to learn how it works is given below.


The second example usage of the “<dd>” code block example is given below.

  <dd>Maroon 5</dd>
  <dd>James Valentine</dd>
  <dd>Matt Flynn</dd>

What is <dd> HTML Tag?

The <dd> HTML Tag contains a definition, description, or value for the previous term <dt> element, which is contained within a description list <dl> element. It is possible to combine a term definition with one or more related definition terms that are encased in <dt> HTML Tags inside a primary description list by using the <dd> HTML Tag. A minimum of one <dt> HTML Tag should be used for each group, that should be preceded by a minimum of one <dd> Html Tag. The <dd> HTML Tag is a block-level element, which means it can contain other elements like as paragraphs and lists. It can also include images and links, among other things.

How to Use <dd> HTML Tag?

To use the <dd>, HTML Tag, the web developer should write the <dd>, <dt>, and <dl> with the definition description placed between the start and end tags.. Web developers can use these tags to build and/or insert links, graphics, phrases, listings, and other types of elements into their pages.

Example Usage of <dd> HTML Tag?

The following examples of usage of <dd> HTML Tag are given below. 

  <dd>The most ideal pet to have</dd>
  <dd>Definitely not the finest choice for a companion animal</dd>
  <dt>Caffè macchiato</dt>
  <dd>A steaming mug of rich, dark-brown espresso bean</dd>
  <dt>A refreshing beverage made with chocolate milk</dt>

What are the Attributes of <dd> HTML Tag?

There are multiple attributes for the <dd> HTML Tag. The following attributes are listed below.

  • Global Attributes: The <dd> HTML Tag supports the global attributes. All HTML elements, even those not specified in the standard, can have global attributes. This means that any non-standard elements must nevertheless allow certain characteristics, even if using such elements makes the content non-HTML5 compliant.
  • Event Attributes: The <dd> HTML Tag supports the event attributes. The Event Attributes always have a name that begins with “on” and is followed by the name of the event for which it is intended. They specify a script to run when an event of the defined type is dispatched to the element with the specified attributes.

What are the Default CSS Settings for <dd> HTML Tag?

The following are the Default CSS Settings for the <dd> HTML Tag. Some examples are listed below this document.

output {
    font: 1rem 'Fira Sans', sans-serif;
dt {
    font-weight: bold;
dd {
    font-size: .9rem;

What are the Related other HTML Tags to <dd>?

The other related HTML Tags to the <dd> HTML Tag are listed below..

  • <ul> HTML Tag: The <ul> HTML Tag and <dd> HTML Tag are related because they are both lists HTML Tags. The <ul> HTML Tag is a list that is not organized by the user’s selections.
  • <ol> HTML Tag: The <ol> HTML Tag and <dd> HTML Tag are related because they are both lists HTML Tag. The <ol> HTML Tags describes an orderly arrangement list.
  • <dl> HTML Tag: The <dl> HTML Tag and <dd> HTML Tag are related because they are both lists HTML Tags. The <dl> HTML Tag This term refers to a description list is defined by this function
  • <dt> HTML Tag: The <dt> HTML Tag and <dd> HTML Tag are related because they are both lists HTML Tags. The <dt> HTML Tag is a term that identifies the lists of the definition of a phrase or name.
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