“aria-keyshortcuts” ARIA Label for Accessibility

The aria-keyshortcuts is a property that presents the set out key shortcuts of the creator to generate or concentrate on an element on the home page or a program. Using a sequence of keys, the key shortcuts inform the software to do a pre-planned activity. Determining the keyboard keys that have been performed to start or to concentrate on the element on which the characteristic is set is the intention of the aria-keyshortcuts. The developer can utilize the aria-keyshortcuts to present the appearance of the shortcut to assistive technologies and for the user to carry out. All the elements of the base mark-up are utilized by the aria-keyshortcuts. 

What is the function of the “aria-keyshortcuts” ARIA Label?

The function of aria-keyshortcuts is to authorize the keyboard users to utilize keyboard keys to offer instructions or directions without entering the menu or utilizing the mouse. The value of aria-keyshortcuts is to activate and offer commands by pressing one or two keys on the keyboard. One non-modifiers should come after the modifier keys and be pressed together. One or more modifiers and one non-modifiers should be united with a plus (+) sign. Alt, Control, Shift, and Windows keys are the modifier keys. These keys don’t have an impact if used alone. The p, z, and (.) are the non-modifier keys that register a property or a character when even used alone. When used as a shortcut, non-modifier keys should go after the modifier keys. The order of modifier keys is not otherwise significant. “Alt+Shift+P” and “Shift+Alt+P” are equivalent, but “P+Alt+Shift” is invalid because all the modifier keys don’t come first and the “Shift” doesn’t include at least one non-modifier key. The key combinations listed must be the keys the users need to press, not the outcome of the combined keystrokes. For example, if the user needs the “%” symbol, the key combination is written as “Shift+5”, not “%” nor “Shift+%”

What are the uses of the “aria-keyshortcuts” ARIA Label?

Listed below are the “aria-keyshortcuts” uses.

  • Document structure roles: Document structure roles are utilized to deliver a structural description for a section. Most of the roles should no longer be utilized, as browsers at this time support semantic HTML elements with the same meaning. 
  • Widget roles: Widget roles are utilized to describe usual interactive patterns. Like document structure roles, few of these roles duplicate the well-supported semantics of native HTML, and should not be used.
  • Landmark roles: Landmark roles deliver a way to recognize the organization and the structure of the web page. The organizational information is delivered clearly through a layout by classifying and labeling the sections of a page. 
  • Live region roles: Live region roles are utilized to determine the elements with dynamic content. Sighted users can recognize dynamic changes when are visible. These roles help visually impaired users perceive if the content has been updated. A screen reader is an example of assistive technology that can be made to announce dynamic changes. 
  • Window roles: Window roles determine sub-windows to the primary document window, within the same window, such as pop-up modal dialogues like alert dialogue and dialogue. 
  • Abstract roles: Abstract roles are only designed for use by browsers to help categorize and streamline a document. 

Example Uses of “aria-keyshortcuts” ARIA Label

Listed below are the example uses of the “aria-keyshortcuts” ARIA label.

The use of aria-keyshortcuts is to show the performed key shortcuts to activate or concentrate on an element on the home page or a program

<a id="skip-link" href="#content" aria-keyshortcuts="Alt+Shift+m">Skip to content</a>
<button id="ex1-delete"
class="toolbar-item move-right-btn"
aria-keyshortcuts="Alt+ArrowLeft Delete"
Not Important
<a href="#main" aria-keyshortcuts="alt+ctrl+s">Skip to main content</a>
div aria-keyshortcuts="a,b">
	<span  aria-keyshortcuts="Ctrl+c">6</span>
	<a  aria-keyshortcuts="Ctrl+Alt+d">5</a>
	<a href=# aria-keyshortcuts="Shift+e">4</a>
	<input aria-label=3 aria-keyshortcuts="Alt+F">
	<label><input type=checkbox aria-keyshortcuts="G">2</label>
	<button aria-keyshortcuts="Alt+H,Alt+I">1</button>
<a id="select item" href="#select" aria-keyshortcuts="Ctrl+C">Copy selected item</a>

What are the related ARIA Labels to “aria-keyshortcuts”

There are no related ARIA Labels to aria-keyshortcuts. 

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“aria-keyshortcuts” ARIA Label for Accessibility

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