“aria-labelledby” ARIA Label for Accessibility

The aria-labelledby is an attribute that provides an accessible name for the elements that are identified.  When the native elements do not contain enough properties to describe or label them, aria-labelledby is supposed to be used to set a name that is available to everyone. The aria-labelledby attribute provides a description of the element that it is identifying and can be used by the developer to provide the required information for the user agent and screen reader, The aria-labelledby attribute can be utilized for any and all elements, including buttons, text areas, tables, table data, and other widgets. Other aria labels, such as aria-label and aria-describedby, can be combined with the aria-labelledby tag to create a more complex expression.

What is the function of the “aria-labelledby” ARIA Label?

The purpose of aria-labelledby is important for user agents and screen readers since it offers the data or information regarding the element that it recognizes and also provides a name that is accessible. The aria-labelledby attribute plays a significant part as an essential factor attribute in every syntax that is utilized, and it is used in the majority of aria-label statements. Since it supplies the identification of every element that is used, the aria-labelledby is an essential component of other aria-labels. This is because other aria-labels need to be able to specify the attributes that are being used. As a result of the attribute’s ability to supply an accessible name, assistive technologies are dependent on the aria-labelledby attribute. This provides a benefit to the remainder of the ARIA labels that are employed.

What are the uses of the “aria-labelledby” ARIA Label?

Listed below are the uses of the “aria-labelledby” ARIA Label. 

  • Button role: It is for clickable elements that will provide a response if triggered when activated by the user. It tells the screen reader that the element is a button, but does not function as a button.
  • Document role: It enables a composite widget to be able to be identified as readable content, it is a focusable element that is intended for the screen reader to read it as a document.
  • Form role: It is an identity that describes a group of elements that plays the same role as the HTML form.
  • Heading role: It set the element as a heading to a page or section, with the aria-level attribute providing hierarchical levels to the structure.
  • List role: Is used to identify a list of items or list items contained in an element that is identified as a list.

Example Uses of “aria-labelledby” ARIA Label

Listed below are the example uses of the “aria-labelledby” ARIA Label.

In order for other aria-labels to accurately characterize the attributes that are being used, it is necessary for the aria-labelledby to disclose the identity of every element that is being utilized.

<button aria-label="Blue" aria-labelledby="color">Pink</button>
<span id="color">Green</span>
<span role="checkbox" aria-checked="false" tabindex="0" aria-labelledby="tac"></span>
<span id="tac">Agreed to the Terms and Conditions</span>
<h2 id="attr" class="article-title">5 Things to know when buying a car</h2>
<p>Planning to buy a car is easy, but buying the right car needs more study.
  <a href="13.html" id="rm13" aria-labelledby="rm13 attr">Learn More</a>
<button aria-label="Blue" aria-labelledby="color">Nardo Gray</button>
<span id="color">Midas Yellow</span>
<h2 id="attr" class="article-title">How to be rich in just 6 months</h2>
<p>This strategy is too easy for everyone, follow how I did it.
  <a href="13.html" id="rm13" aria-labelledby="rm13 attr">Get Rich Now…</a>

What are the related ARIA Labels to “aria-labelledby”?

Listed below are the related ARIA Labels to “aria-labelledby”.

  • aria-label: The aria-label is related to aria-labelledby because they both identify an element by utilizing a string value. A string value that associates the aria-label attribute with the label of the interactive element is provided by the aria-label attribute.
  • aria-describedby: The aria-describedby is related to aria-labelledby because they identify an element based on a string value. This makes it a related property. The aria-describeby element supplies the user with information that they may require, in contrast to the aria-labelledby element, which merely provides an accessible name for the user’s assistive technology to interpret.
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“aria-labelledby” ARIA Label for Accessibility

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