“aria-live” ARIA Label for Accessibility

The aria-live attribute is an element that identifies an element worldwide that is to be updated with categorizations of update levels for user agents. The updated information is then transmitted to the user and any assistive technologies that are being used. The aria-live mission is to offer real-time information to users, with the expectation that this data will be of some value to them. The aria-live can be utilized by the developer in order to provide the required information to users about any modifications that have been made by the developer. There are a few JavaScript elements that are compatible with the aria-live attribute, most significantly the document element. ARIA labels such as aria-atomic, aria-relevant, and aria-busy can be combined with the aria-live element.

What is the function of the “aria-live” ARIA Label?

The function of aria-live is to let the assistive technology and user know what are the specific changes or updates in real-time. The benefits of the aria-live are that it provides the user with the types of updates that the elements made. The users have different needs, with the politeness level of the notification set to the aria-live as a baseline value, which will make a difference in how they would respond to it. The assistive technology can set the notification control from assertive to polite level or even turn it off, aria-live=”off”, this will make changes to how the screen reader would deliver alerts to the user.

What are the uses of the “aria-live” ARIA Label?

Listed below are the uses of the “aria-live” ARIA Label. 

  • Alert role: It is a kind of status or process that is updated in a live region, it is a piece of time-sensitive information that delivers important messages or information.
  • Log role: It shows a piece of log information that is in timely order where old information may be discarded, and elements are identified when they create live regions.
  • Marquee role: It has a low priority of information that is announced to the user, it may change its content and depends on the updates or changes made by elements in the live region.
  • Status role: It has a low level of priority information that is not important to be announced as an alert, it defines a live region containing advisory information for the user.
  • Timer role:  It indicates assistive technologies that an element is a counter that displays a time that is counting elapsed time or counting down.

Example Uses of “aria-live” ARIA Label

Listed below are the example uses of the “aria-live” ARIA Label.

The purpose of the aria-live attribute is to deliver consistent data on the number of updates that were made in the live regions.

<button onclick="document.getElementById('content').textContent = 'Now its changed!'">
   Click to Change!
<div id="content" aria-live="polite">
<button onclick="document.getElementById('content').textContent = 'System in now updated'">
<div id="content" aria-live="polite">
  The system is outdated.</div>
<button onclick="document.getElementById('content').textContent = 'BIG'">
   Switch to BIG
<div id="content" aria-live="polite">
<button onclick="document.getElementById('content').textContent = 'Its now ON'">
   Press ON
<div id="content" aria-live="polite">
  It is OFF
<button onclick="document.getElementById('content').textContent = 'SAVE'">
   save now
<div id="content" aria-live="polite">
  it is not saved

What are the related ARIA Labels to “aria-live”?

Listed below are the related ARIA Labels to “aria-live”.

  • aria-atomic: The aria-atomic is related to aria-live because they have a connection with one another. The aria-atomic element describes how the changes are delivered to the user; the user may have the option of having the complete or a piece of the live region presented to them via assistive technologies.
  • aria-relevant: The aria-relevant is related to aria-live because they both belong to the live regions. The active live region that is exclusively influenced by the changes that are made is represented by the aria-relevant attribute.
  • aria-busy: The aria-busy is related to aria-live because they both belong to the live regions. The aria-busy attribute indicates that an element is undergoing modification at the present and notifies the user, via assistive technologies, to wait for a moment. Subsequently, the attribute notifies the user of the essential information regarding the changes that were made.
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“aria-live” ARIA Label for Accessibility

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