Brighton SEO: 3 Days of Hogwarts for the SEO Industry

Brighton SEO is an educational and unifying event that brings together SEO experts from all over the world. Therefore, Brighton SEO can be called a “Hogwarts”. I am using the Hogwarts analogy for the Brighton SEO Event because, I am a Potterhead, and during my United Kingdom trip, I have seen everything related to Harry Potter. And, therefore, here is how I would rank the similarities between Hogwarts and Brighton SEO.

  • Friendship: In Brighton SEO, you will see many friends you have never seen face to face, and you will be able to hug them.
  • Learning: Even if you are the best in the world, there is always something new to learn in Brighton SEO.
  • Support: You will be able to see how people support each other.
  • Fun: You will be able to dance, sing and spend time together with your loved ones.

Of course, there’s no three-headed dog under Brighton SEO, or a fire-breathing dragon breaking through roofs. However, there is a great similarity between what I felt at Brighton SEO and Hogwarts.

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Brighton SEO Speech Experience

Brighton SEO Speech Experience helps SEOs to feel like a whole with the SEO community and the industry. I have performed my speech on Brighton SEO with Dear Rebecca Berbel for explaining the Query Parsing, Rewriting, and Processing methods of the search engines. The slides of the Brighton SEO have been shared on my Slideshare Accounts of mine, and Dear Rebecca.

Feelings from Brighton SEO Conference

The most interesting thing from Brighton SEO Conference speaking experience is realizing that everyone is really connected with you. Anyone who follows you on Twitter, or LinkedIn may approach and celebrate you. They can state their admiration, or friendly criticism and suggestions, questions to improve themselves. They might buy you drinks and have a lovely chat. Until going to the Brighton SEO Conference, I didn’t realize that my effect was that big on people. Since, I work in a room every day, for more than 16 hours, the connection with humans came later for me. And, Brighton SEO Conference made me realize this.

The Brighton SEO Conference Video for Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR and Rebecca Berbel’s Presentation

The video of the Brighton SEO Conference Speech of Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR and Rebecca Berbel will be added later.

Images and Reactions for the Brighton SEO Speech from K. Tugberk GUBUR and Rebecca Berbel

The tweets,

Brighton SEO Conference Speech Example with Images and Reactions

Brighton SEO Event and Conference Speech Examples with Images involve visuals to show an example of Brighton SEO speech with SEO Slides, stage, microphones, audience, and conference saloon. The images below represent an example of Brighton SEO speech experience.

What is the Brighton SEO Event?

Brighton SEO is a prestigious and popular SEO event that brings SEOs around the globe together to connect them and help the innovation of SEO. Brighton SEO Events are held every 6 months at Brighton Center. Brighton SEO accepts more than 60 speakers and trainers every 6 months. All the insightful SEO speeches are published online after the 15 days of the actual in-person event.

Why is the Brighton SEO event special?

Brighton SEO Event is special because it unites SEOs all over the world. Brighton SEO Events bring together SEOs from the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, and other countries with prominent SEO Industries. Networking, and getting acquaintances are highly possible thanks to Brighton SEO.

How Educational are Brighton SEO Events?

Brighton SEO Events are educational for every level of SEO. Brighton SEO Presentations are created for every level of SEO. An SEO Beginner and Advanced SEO can learn from a Brighton SEO Presentation at the same time. Thus, the speeches in the Brighton SEO Events are helpful for every SEO in different ways.

How to be a Speaker for Brighton SEO?

To be a speaker for Brighton SEO, the Brighton SEO Speaker Pitch forms should be filled out. Three main factors help to be a Brighton SEO Speaker, these are having a unique speech, idea, and topic, a new methodology, and talent to influence the audience. There is no certain rule for being a speaker for Brighton SEO.

Who are the Sponsors for Brighton SEO?

The sponsors for the Brighton SEO Event changed. There are headline sponsors and premium sponsors for Brighton SEO Events. For the 2022 Brighton SEO, Ahrefs and Conductor were the headline sponsors while Whitepress, Diginus, Mailchimp&Co, FATJOE are the premium sponsors. Exhibitions contain smaller advertisements for the smaller sponsors. For 2022, LeadForensics, Whatagraph, Roast, and Acoload are some exhibited brands. Stage Sponsors are to create and set the stages up. Kleecks and Absolute are some of those sponsors for the 2022 Brighton SEO Event.

Who are the Speakers for the Brighton SEO Event?

Every Brighton SEO Events have different speakers. Brighton SEO Event speakers are chosen based on their speech pitches and Brighton SEO Event needs. Brighton SEO 2022 Speakers are given below as Brighton SEO Event speaker examples.

Rebecca Barbell
Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR
Dixon Jones
Aleyda Solis
Jen Penaluna
Jess Peck
Jane Reeve
Jessica Maloney
Jonathan Earnshaw
Joshua Hardwick
Kara Thurkettle
Lidia Infante
Limor Barenholtz
Lanie Bayliss
Liraz Postan
Maddie Crawford
Mark Williams-Cook
Martin McGarry
Rene Harris
Rebecca Moss
Veronika Höller
Becky Simms
Adrian Imms
Andi Jarvis

Does Brighton SEO have a strict code of conduct?

Yes, Brighton SEO Event has a strict code of conduct to support gender equality, and prevent sexual harassment, or body size, race, and religion-related jokes. Brighton SEO gives a harassment-free inclusive and educational, fun SEO Conference experience.

How many people attend Brighton SEO?

Averagely 4000+ people attend Brighton SEO. To understand the exact number of people who attend the Brighton SEO Events, the Brighton SEO Organizers audit the ballots and registered people count.

What are the Different Ticket Types for Brighton SEO?

There are three main ticket types for the Brighton SEO Event. These are regular tickets, trainer tickets, and friend tickets. Every ticket type has different advantages and possibilities for the attendees.

Does Brighton SEO distribute free tickets?

Yes, Brighton SEO helps new industry beginners with SEO. To help the new SEOs in the industry, Brighton SEO distributes the SEO Tickets. To get a free Brighton SEO ticket, the person should be registered.

Does Brighton SEO have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Brighton SEO is organized in Brighton Centre, and it provides a free Wi-Fi service for the attendees.

Does Brighton SEO provide food and drink?

Yes, during the Brighton SEO Event, free coffee and water are served to the trainees and listeners. The food is bought from the pay-for café that is placed in the Brighton Centre.

Does Brighton SEO Provide After Parties?

Yes, Brighton SEO provides After Parties to help SEOs to connect better. These after-parties are held in the Brighton SEO, to help the SEOs with their networking and have fun during the educational day-long sessions.

Do Brighton SEO Speakers share their slides?

Yes, Brighton SEO Speakers share their slides on Slideshare, LinkedIn, and other platforms to increase the information share.

Does Brighton SEO Record the Talks?

Brighton SEO Speakers record their speeches during the talk, and they record another video during the pre-talk. Brighton SEO talks are on the Brighton SEO Event website and on YouTube.

Does Brighton SEO Provide Accessibility?

Yes, the Brighton Center (Brighton SEO Event Center) provides accessibility. From parking, toilet, venue, or all facilities in the event center has high-level accessibility standards.

Does Brighton SEO help with Visa Applications?

Yes, Brighton SEO helps with Visa Applications, and sends an invitation email with the information of “name, company, job title, dates traveling, passport number”.

What is the dress code of the Brighton SEO Conference?

The Conference of Brighton SEO has a regular dress code. Regular clothes based on the temperature of the conference day are accepted as normal.

Are there simultaneous talks in Brighton SEO?

Yes, there are simultaneous talks at Brighton SEO Conferences. The simultaneous talks happen at the same time, but the listeners and attendees can visit other talks at the same time.

Does Brighton SEO Conference have a strict Covid-19 Restriction?

No, Covid-19 Restrictions are removed from the Brighton SEO Conference. If the attendees prefer using a mask, they wear a mask, if not, they do not use a mask as before the pandemic. And, there is no PCR test requirement for entering the Brighton SEO Conference.

What are the most valuable things to get from Brighton SEO Conference?

The most valuable things to get from Brighton SEO Conference are the “warming welcoming friends from the conference”, and sweat memoirs while talking, dancing, and eating together. SEO Education is prominent in Brighton SEO, but if you are an advanced SEO, the important thing is having memoirs of friendship.

Does Brighton SEO Conference have a crèche?

Yes, Brighton SEO Conference provides a crèche and childcare provide the facility. The Childcare services are provided by Brighton SEO to help more attendees to attend the conference. Before going to the Brighton SEO Event, the Brighton SEO Conference organizers should be noticed of the childcare need.

Does Brighton SEO Conference Give Breakfast?

Yes, Brighton SEO Conference provides breakfast for the speakers, by organizing them.

Does Brighton SEO Conference Compensate the Flight and Hotel Cost for Speakers?

Yes, Brighton SEO Conference books the hotel rooms for speakers and pays back the flight tickets. Thus, Brighton SEO Conference is one of the most friendly events for speakers.

Did Koray Tugberk GUBUR speak on Brighton SEO?

Yes, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR has spoken at Brighton SEO Conference in April 2022 with Rebecca Berbel to explain the semantic search engines and their query processing methods.

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

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