What does “Lulz”Emote Mean?

“Lulz” is an emote, a laughing expression figure which is widely used on internet gaming platforms and live-streaming software and websites. “Lulz” is often depicted on the laughing face of a dog in the form of a plain photo or a moving GIF. Apart from the laughing dog “Lulz” emote, there are various figures on the different internet gaming platforms as well. For instance, a photo or GIF with a cartoon emoticon and a “Lulz” calligraphy designed with light and stunning color gradients. An example of the usage of “Lulz” emote is when someone is playing with friends and their gaming experience is humorous. A person tends to send a “Lulz” emoticon to express laughter without having to interrupt their game. The “Lulz” emote is popular on these kinds of platforms because it is pretty convenient to use. The “Lulz” emote must be used in a conversation that tackles funny and silly topics, especially with friends and family. The “Lulz” is recommended to be used on gaming and live-streaming platforms as well because it is suitable for them. On the other hand, “Lulz” emote must not be used during professional online meetings and conferences and academic online classes, mainly because it is informal and inappropriate.

There is a “Lulz” text version as well apart from the “Lulz” emote. “Lulz” means to laugh at someone who’s a victim of a prank or a funny action. A “Lulz” text is the opposite of the graphical “Lulz” emote which is commonly seen in the form of media such as pictures and GIFs. The “Lulz” text is most typically used in casual conversations, especially in SMS and online chats or forums when having a discussion about a person who got fooled by a prank. The convenience that “Lulz” gives to its users is what makes it very popular. The “Lulz” acronym is often misused with the internet slang LoLZ which has different meanings. The “Lulz” and LoLZ differences are seen in the way they express laughter. LoLZ is the plural form of LoL, which stands for “Laughing Out Loud”; therefore, LoLZ means to laugh a lot in a loud and noisy manner. Meanwhile, “Lulz” is more concerned with laughing about someone’s hilarious fate. The LoLZ is more on the general side, it must be used to replace Lulz. However, “Lulz” is a more specific internet slang, and must only be used in appropriate circumstances. Additionally, the “Lulz” and ROLF difference is seen as well in their objective. ROLF is the abbreviation for “Rolling On The Floor Laughing” which is interpreted as someone who is having an intense burst of laughter due to a funny and entertaining encounter with either a conversation or content. Internet slang is the formal language that is frequently used for communication over the internet, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is a result of the absence of proper grammar rules and an appropriate structure, and thus it cannot be considered formal and must not be used for serious or professional documents and content. The majority of internet memes are written with the use of internet slang. The Internet meme, on the other hand, is a medium expressed in photos or videos, or text which contains funny and hilarious, entertaining, or uplifting messages. An Internet meme is used to deliver its meaning very well without having to be lengthy with words.

Who found “Lulz”Abbreviation?

The founder of “Lulz” emote is a person with the username “ziptnf.” Ziptnf submitted the emote on Frankerfeacez which is a platform where users are able to get emotes to use for their communication purposes with peers. The original “Lulz” emote is in a form of an image of a golden retriever dog having a grinning face. The “Lulz” emote was first introduced in 2017 and is still available in 2022. The “Lulz” emote is inspired by the internet slang “Lulz” and “Lol”. Today, there are various versions of “Lulz” emote expressed in glamorous calligraphies and funny cartoon faces.

Do People Use “Lulz”for face-to-face Communication?

Yes, people use “Lulz” for face-face communication. Face-to-face communication is a form of engagement and information sharing between two people who are physically present and verbally communicating. “Lulz” is an acronym, it is read as a whole word and not in a letter-by-letter manner. Thus, including it in a verbal interaction is highly effective and comprehensible. 

Is “Lulz”only for textual communication?

No, “Lulz” is not only for textual communication. Textual communication, such as SMS or chat messaging, is a method of communication in which the users read or view the information being conveyed. Despite “Lulz” being created in the textual format on the internet, it is very useful and understandable in other forms of communication as well such as face-to-face communication. “Lulz” is an acronym; hence saying it verbally is very convenient. 

What do Internet Slang Experts think about “Lulz”Abbreviation?

According to some internet slang, experts such as Silvio Laccetti and Scott Molski, frequent usage of internet slang such as “Lulz” acronym are terms that are critical, and negatively affect one’s ability to get employed by most companies, especially for student applicants. In their essay “The Lost Art of Writing”, they stated that “the employers will not be satisfied by the internet slang such as “Lulz” whenever they read reports that do not have proper punctuations and grammar structures, possess a lot of misspelled words, and various words that are made out of informality like modern acronyms and acronym.” Furthermore, Fondiler and Nerone said that professional or business interactions must be done with caution and must be properly constructed. However, on the contrary, linguist John McWhorter stated that internet slang such as “Lulz” is a marker of empathy and accommodation. According to McWhorter, it is used to lessen the tension and awkwardness, and to bring up a light atmosphere among conversations. Thus, the usage of internet slang such as “Lulz” is not entirely bad as long as it is used appropriately.

What are the sentence examples with Lulz?

The “Lulz” acronym is very common to be seen on the internet. “Lulz” is often seen in chat conversations, group forums, internet memes, and status updates. It is a typical expression for almost everyday scenarios. 

Listed below are the sentence examples with Lulz. 

  • “We were there on Layla’s birthday, and you know what? Anna got scared of the sudden appearance of killer clown mascots on her back, and we had a lulz!” (The “Lulz” in the sentence is used to deliver what the sender of the message wants the receiver to know regarding their expressions during the birthday)
  • “Pauline ran to the woods during our camping because she thought that the drone we put near her was some sort of insect, lulz!” (The meaning of the conversation which is about having a funny encounter due to the prank was conveyed due to the usage of Lulz in the conversation. The “Lulz” acronym helped in stating the particular expression)
  • “It’s fine to disregard every one of the rules above if you do so through malice rather than ignorance, ie, for the lulz.” (The “Lulz” in the sentence is used to describe the type of action being suggested by someone. The “Lulz” is interpreted as “for the fun”. 
  • “In the end, it’s debatable at whose expense the “Lulz”really was.” (The sentence is using “Lulz” to shorten the message. The “Lulz” here was used to pertain to the prank done by a group of people, and they are debating who to blame at the end of it.
  • “Initially, we harassed them for lulz, but then we realised that they ruin lives.” (The “Lulz” is utilized by the speaker or the source of the message to pertain to “Lulz” as “fun.” Therefore, the sentence means that they have done harassment for fun, but they realized in the end that it was all wrong)
  • “She didn’t realize that there was ice cream all over the back of her dress! Lulz.” (The statement is laughing about someone’s humorous and embarrassing situation. Therefore, the speaker chose to use “Lulz” as an indication that it was someone’s embarrassing moment)
  • “Lulz, I talked to six or seven people, and none of these “friends” told me I had spinach in my teeth.” (Another sentence where there is an embarrassing moment. However, in the case of the sentence, it is the person telling it who got pranked and laughed at)
  • “At first I would try to cause chaos, lulz, whatever to have fun,” he says. (The speaker or the sender of the sentence is planning to cause chaos to have fun. The “Lulz” was used to express laughter in between those words)
  • “My view is that the attackers saw this as an opportunity for “lulz”, and a way to misdirect everyone.” (“Lulz” acronym was used to pertain to the phrase “for laugh” which helped the sentence to be properly understood)
  • “I only dated her for the lulz. Now I’ve gotta pay $500 a month in alimony for the next 18 years.” (The same “Lulz” was used to indicate the phrase “for fun.” The source of the sentence is trying to say that dating is just for fun, but it has caused a huge consequence in the end)
  • “Stop responding to the trolls on Facebook! They’re only doing it for the lulz.” (“Lulz” acronym was used in the last part of the sentence to tell someone that trolling on Facebook must not be taken seriously as they are only doing it to have some fun)
  • “Lulz! There are some top laughs on Donald’s Twitter feed this morning!” (The “Lulz” was put in the first part of the sentence to indicate laughter before talking about the silly topic)
  • “I’m going to convince everyone I’m an astronaut, just for the lulz.” (“Lulz” is indicating a “just for the laugh” scenario wherein the sender wants to deceive everyone. The sender of the sentence is using “Lulz” to put some twist in their conversation)
  • “Edward just punched his classmate’s face during their class for the lulz.” (The statement means that Edward is bullying a classmate just for the purpose of laughter)
  • “The lady was screaming as she went outside the house because my friends dressed up as ghosts and entered her house just for the lulz.” (The speaker is using “Lulz” to describe the purpose of the friends’ actions. They were doing the prank to have something to laugh at)
  • “My sister fell out of her chair because I put a toy cockroach on her lap and I got a big lulz.” (The “Lulz” was used to describe that the person has a huge fun and laughter after the pranking incident)
  • “Charlene got her coffee spilled over her desk in the office, lulz.” (The “Lulz” was used to mock someone for its bad day)
  • “Our teacher went out of the classroom because we are so noisy, and we did it on purpose just for lulz.” (“Lulz” was in the sentence to give the context of why the students did their bad actions)
  • “My Siberian husky dog last night howled so loud because I pranked him that I’m dead for lulz.” (The example given was talking about the owner pranking the dog for “Lulz”or for laugh purposes)
  • “Their maid submitted a resignation letter this morning because they let the dog chase her last night for lulz.” (The example is using “Lulz” to describe the situation concisely)

How does Cambridge Dictionary define Lulz?

The Cambridge Dictionary still has no definition of the “Lulz” acronym in their system. However, the Oxford Dictionary defines the “Lulz” acronym as, “the feeling that something makes you laugh.”, especially because somebody has done something that makes them look silly. The definition means that “Lulz” acronym is used in circumstances where a person looks funny either through one’s own action or because of a prank that has been properly done. It is used whenever people are having or have been in a hilarious situation.

What are the Variants of Lulz?

“Lulz” acronym is among the most popular internet slang on the internet. “Lulz” acronym is used to indicate a laughing expression. Due to the worldwide coverage of the internet, it is already expected that “Lulz” that have a lot of versions circulating on digital platforms. Although they have some alterations in meaning, they are describing the same main expression which is laughter.

Listed below are the variants of Lulz.

  • LOL: LOL is an acronym that represents the phrase “Laughing Out Loud” which means to express laughter in a loud and wide-open mouth way. The LOL acronym was first used in the late 1980s by Wayne Pearson. LOL and “Lulz” are similar in expressing laughter; however, “Lulz” is specific in laughing about a person being pranked.
  • LOLZ: LOLZ is another acronym that describes a burst of loud laughter, but is a plural form. LOLZ is commonly used by people who want to show other people that they are having a lot of loud laughs. LOLZ and “Lulz” are the same in indicating laughter, but they differ in purpose and must not be used interchangeably with each other.
  • LUL: LUL acronym means several things which are dependent on the country and language. The term “Lame Uncomfortable Laugh” is typically used to respond to a joke or content that is not funny or does not bring happiness and joy. Nowadays, in other countries, “LUL” is understood as “Love You Lots,” which is an expression of affection that is frequently given by lovers and friends to one another when they are communicating via SMS or chat. However, LUL is more commonly referred to as
    “Lame Uncomfortable Laugh”. “Lulz” and LUL are on the same page when it comes to the context of laughter, but they differ in usage. It is important to note that “Lulz” is not the plural form of LUL, they are not similar to LOL and LOLZ.
  • LOLOLOL: LOLOLOL is another way of describing a lot of loud laughs. LOLOLOL is the longer way of LOL and is used depending on the preference of the person using it. Netizens often use LOLOLOL and “Lulz” are the same as well, they are used to expressing laughter, especially in online casual communication.

What are the Derivations of Lulz?

The derivations of the “Lulz” acronym are the internet slang where it is inspired or based upon its creation. Just like the English language where its words are derived from other languages, the “Lulz” acronym is having the same path as well. Netizens are highly innovative and creative in expressing their feelings in different ways. Thus, they make a lot of new acronyms and abbreviations to communicate with each other.

Listed below are the derivations of the “Lulz”acronym.

  • LOL: LOL is a “Laughing Out Loud” shortened expression. Apart from being a variant of Lulz, the LOL acronym is a derivation of “Lulz” as well. Almost all the internet slang that is very popular nowadays is in fact coming from the LOL acronym, including Lulz. Netizens often think about something new to describe their emotions and one of their bases 
  • LEL: LEL is the ironic and playful version of the LOL acronym, and it is one of the bases for the creation of the “Lulz” acronym. The LEL acronym is used when a person is expressing sarcasm or describing feeling online in an extra way. 
  • Lolwut: Lolwut is an internet slang that refers to a double-purpose expression. Lolwut is used both as an indicator of laughter and confusion. There is various content on the internet that netizens find funny but are not highly understandable. Thus, the response is always lolwut.

What are the related terms to Lulz?

The relatedness of internet slang is due to the fact that each one of them are based on the existence of one another. For instance, the existence of LOL paved the way for the creation of other words such as LOLZ. These new creations and innovations of new expressions are what made them interrelated to each other. Although they have slight differences, they mostly express the same feeling.

What are the Foreign Equivalents of “Lulz”from other Languages?

Although “Lulz” is a universal expression for laughter caused by pranking someone, it still has equivalents in other countries’ languages. Different countries have distinct ways of putting their feelings into words based on their alphabet systems or just simply based on their historical values.

Listed below are the foreign equivalents of “Lulz”from other languages. 

  • 呵呵: 呵呵 is an internet slang equivalent of “hehe” from the Chinese language. 呵呵 means laughing in a self-mocking and sarcastic manner or laughing at an embarrassing moment and circumstance. Similar to Lulz, 呵呵 is used to laugh at humorous scenarios as well such as pranking and fooling things. 
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ means LOL in the context of the Korean language. It is used by Koreans in their social media interactions. However, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is used as well to laugh at someone that has been pranked or been into an embarrassing situation. 
  • 55555: 55555 is a Thai version of laughing on the internet platform. Thai people laugh in their conversations, posts, or forums using these 55555 characters which are read as “hahahahaha.” The 55555 internet slang is a universal laughing term that is utilized as a pure laugh, mocking laugh, sarcastic laugh, and even laughing at someone who is a victim of a prank. 
  •  笑:  笑, a Japanese character that describes laughter or smiling. Japanese people use the 笑 character when interacting on social media platforms with their friends and colleagues. The same with other languages, 笑 is used as well to laugh at any topics including pranks. 

How do Content Writers use “Lulz”for communicating with Customers?

Content writers use “Lulz” for the purpose of adding some twists in their narrative for their content or articles. Content writers are people whose job is to write and publish articles done by research and editing on the digital platform. In SEO content writing, there are various types of information which is written in either conventional and strict ways or adding some internet slang to earn more engagement and gain a higher ranking. Although, there must be appropriate usage of “Lulz” in SEO content writing such as funny and entertaining topics. In writing these kinds of topics, “Lulz” is usually used when there are stated examples written by the content writers. The objective of using “Lulz” is to give more interesting parts in the article which are more attractive to the customers and pull their attention more. Content writers take advantage of the convenience, engagement, and meaning-conveying capacity of “Lulz”to make their articles more optimized and efficient with greater quality. Unlike the common norm that using internet slang destroys the readability of an article, “Lulz” actually is very beneficial. However, there must be a balance in the usage of internet slang such as “Lulz” as it negatively affects the comprehension of the readers when used in a greater quantity. 

Do Social Media Marketers use Lulz?

Yes, social media marketers use Lulz. Social media marketers are a group of individuals who adapted to the innovation of technology to promote and endorse their products to their target customers. Within their social media marketing, they utilize the internet, specifically the digital platform and social media sites to reach thousands or even millions of people across the world. However, on social media sites, there are a lot of competitors, especially since there are various creative social media marketers that are using them as well. Thus, in order for social media marketers to stand out, they use internet slang to be more interesting and relevant to netizens, which is what people using the internet are called. Social media marketers nowadays are very competitive, creative, and innovative, and one of their strategies to connect to more customers is through the use of internet slang such as Lulz. One example of the application of “Lulz” in social media marketing is when the product is endorsed in a humorous and entertaining way. Although “Lulz” is not forbidden to be used in social media marketing, social media marketers must still be cautious about using it. They must place it in the appropriate content and must not be used when it is unnecessary. Apart from that, using too much “Lulz” affects the engagement of the promotional advertisement or commercial and E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness because many people are still not familiar with or used to internet slang.

Does “Lulz”a not serious term for SEO Content?

Yes, “Lulz” is not a serious term for SEO content. A term that is not serious is described as informal, does not have a proper structure, and is used for casual conversations. SEO content writing is a new method of spreading information through writing and publishing content or articles on the platform of digital technology. “Lulz” is not a serious term for SEO content; yet, content writers and social media marketers continue to use it in the context of humorous and enjoyable articles and commercials. Regardless of how the entertaining content is written, relevancy and engagement is the very vital factor in SEO content; as a result, placing certain modern internet slang and expressions do not impair the article’s quality but instead contributes much to the article’s success in accomplishing its goal which is to be in a higher rank in the search engine.

Is epic “Lulz”and “Lulz”the same?

Yes, epic “Lulz” and “Lulz” are the same in terms of their meaning. Epic “Lulz” is the version of “Lulz” used by hackers whenever they victimize innocent people online. These hackers are known as “Anonymous” which pulls a lot of pranks and hacks on someone’s account, sharing and sending hilarious and malicious things. They invade children’s games and internet book sources and their response is epic Lulz. On the opposite side, “Lulz” is a general internet slang used to laugh at someone who got pranked by all means, including hacking and invasion of privacy. 

What is the difference between “Lulz”and LuL?

The difference between “Lulz” and LuL is their usage in particular circumstances. The “Lulz” acronym is mainly used for situations or scenarios wherein someone including the speaker or writer of the sentence itself has been pranked or has been in an embarrassing situation. It is used as well to describe the objective of humorous action. For instance, in the sentence, “I hid his phone in my pocket, and he’s searching it the entire class lulz!”. The speaker is discussing the laughter that the speaker had during the execution of the prank. Meanwhile, the LuL acronym stands for “Lame Uncomfortable Laugh.” LuL is used in conversation that requires to be laughed at to lessen the awkwardness and tension brought about by a lame joke or dissatisfaction with an entertaining article. “Lulz” and LuL aren’t the same as LoL and LoLZ wherein they are used interchangeably as LoLZ is the plural form of LoL. In the case of “Lulz” and LuL, they are very different in context and must not be used to replace one another. 

What is the difference between “Lulz”and LoLZ?

The difference between “Lulz” and LoLZ is em phasized in their context. “Lulz” is an acronym that means to laugh at someone who got pranked or is seen in a humorous situation. On the other hand, LoLZ is a plural form of LOL which means having a lot of loud laughter. “Lulz” is used in conversations or forums wherein a pair or a group of people are talking about someone like, for instance, a person who they made fun of. Meanwhile, LoLZ is used by responding to a joke or funny content sent by someone over a conversation. 

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What does “Lulz”Emote Mean?

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