What does LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off) Acronym Mean?

The acronym LMAO stands for “Laughing My Ass Off” that bears the meaning of “having an intense manner of laughing.” LMAO is a modern way of expressing laughter through a brief and convenient yet highly effective way. The acronym LMAO is the more powerful variation of the acronym LOL, and it allows a more expressive, extreme, and louder laugh. An example of a proper usage of LMAO in a context is having an online chat conversation with a friend that has sent a funny content such as a video. The receiver of the video types the word “LMAO” to serve as an immediate response while still being able to express a strong emotion of laughter. The acronym LMAO must be used in casual and daily conversations with close friends or relatives such as telling jokes and discussing embarrassing scenarios. On the contrary, the acronym LMAO must not be used in circumstances where formality or sadness is of great dominance. Some settings or venues that LMAO is not allowed to be used are academic papers, professional emails, job interviews, and eulogies. 

What does text LMAO mean? LMAO as a text has exactly the same meaning as the acronym and GIF versions. The text LMAO is a word that is used in written texts such as novels, scripts, and in simple casual online discussions and forums. LMAO text is used by content writers as it is a more accessible and relevant way to deliver the message of certain sentences without having to be excessive with word usage. The LMAO and LFMAO difference is seen on the intensity of the laugh being experienced. The acronym and text LFMAO stands for “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.” LFMAO means that someone has an extreme and uncontrollable laughter, that is much greater than LMAO. Internet people are fond of adding some words to the existing internet slang to give more emphasis that they are laughing which a traditional internet slang is not capable of expressing. An internet meme refers to the content found and being spread on the internet that contains an entertaining or encouraging meaning to its viewers and readers. Some common examples of internet meme include, photos, videos, and texts. Internet meme uses internet slang as its main source of language. Internet slang are groups of words that are utilized by people on the internet to communicate with each other. It consists of shortened words, acronyms, and abbreviations that indicate a lot of different expressions commonly used to laugh.

Who found LMAO Abbreviation?

There are several claims of the first usage of the LMAO abbreviation including by the author J.D Salinger. J.D Salinger was the first one who made use of the expression in the novel entitled The Catcher in the Rye during the 1950s. The author wants to depict the meaning “to Laugh One’s Ass Off” by using the LMAO abbreviation. Another one claims the first use of the abbreviation LMAO was in December 1990 by AD&D transcript. One of the eleven characters by the player named Torquin, utilized the abbreviation LMAO. LMAO was spread and became more commonly used on the internet and texting platforms in the year the 1990s and was later recognized as an official internet slang.

Do People use LMAO for face-to-face Communication?

No, people do not use the abbreviation LMAO for face-to-face communication. Face-to-face communication is a type of conversation where the sender and receiver speak verbally with each other in person. The internet slang LMAO is pronounced as “el-em-ae-ow”, by which every single letter is being spoken. Hence, using it in face-to-face communication is inconvenient and difficult. It is incapable of appropriately showing the feeling of laughter since the context is incomprehensible. 

Is LMAO only for textual communication?

Yes, LMAO abbreviation is used for textual communication. Textual communication is a type of communication by which the information being delivered is read or viewed by the users, such as SMS or chat messages. The abbreviation LMAO is actually made to be utilized in textual communication. It is best understood in the textual platform as the receiver clearly reads and contextualizes the message with the LMAO abbreviation. Textual communication is a suitable setting for using the LMAO abbreviation, especially for those senders who do not want to waste their time typing a lot of words just to express one particular feeling. 

Is LMAO a Pragmatic Particle?

No, LMAO is not a pragmatic particle. Pragmatic particles are terms or groups of words that prevent the awkward portions of a particular conversation to occur. It usually consists of words or phrases that are easily pronounced such as “oh” or “uhm.” LMAO is an abbreviation that is totally useless in face-to-face communication. Thus, it is not considered a pragmatic particle as it is not sufficient enough to alleviate awkwardness in a conversation. 

When did the Oxford English Dictionary accept the LMAO Abbreviation?

The abbreviation LMAO was accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. LMAO rose to popularity on the internet and has been one of the most used expressions for laughter by netizens. The abbreviation LMAO has been finally recognized by linguistic experts and was added in the dictionary of Oxford due to its popularity. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of the word LMAO is an abbreviation for “Laughing My Ass Off” used in chat rooms, emails, and newsgroups. LMAO and LOL are two of the most well-known and recognized internet slang in the world, both by internet people and expert linguists. 

What are the Variations of LMAO?

Listed below are the variations of the abbreviation LMAO.

  • LFMAO: The abbreviation LFMAO means “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.” LFMAO is used by netizens when they mean more of LMAO due to more extreme laughter. LFMAO abbreviation is said to be made in the year the 1990s.
  • LQTM: LQTM is an abbreviation that means “Laughing Quietly to Myself.” It is an abbreviation that is usually sent to someone to depict sarcasm or embarrassment. The abbreviation LQTM was first used in 1999.
  • LMHO: LMHO as an internet slang abbreviation stands for the meaning “Laughing My Head Off.” It is an internet word that refers to the emotion of getting an uncontrollable laugh. There is no known year when LMHO was created. 

What are the Derivations of LMAO?

Listed below are the derivations of the abbreviation LMAO. 

  • LOL: The acronym LOL stands for the meaning “Laughing Out Loud.” It is the most famous and is one of the earliest internet slang used by netizens. The LOL acronym has been widely used ever since it was introduced in the late 1980s. The convenience and the efficiency of LOL in laughter expression are what make it very famous.
  • LEL: The acronym LEL is a modification of the internet slang LOL. It is the more silly and playful version of the LOL acronym. LEL was suspected to be introduced from the late 1990s to the early 2000s.
  • LUL: LUL is an abbreviation of the phrase “Lame Uncontrollable Laugh.” It is an expression used when one feels awkward about a content or situation. LUL was made in 2014.

What are the related terms to LMAO?

Listed below are the related terms to LMAO.

  • *G*: *G* is an emoticon that means “grin.” It is used by online gamers whenever they are communicating with other players. *G* is pretty popular back then, especially when emojis are not yet introduced to social media platforms. 
  • ROFL: The abbreviation ROFL means “Rolling On the Floor Laughing.” It is used by writers to indicate an extreme laugh toward the readers. The ROFL abbreviation was made in the 1980s.
  • PMSL: The abbreviation PMSL expresses the meaning “Pissing Myself Laughing.” It is a word created by football players from Europe in their football forums. PMSL abbreviation was introduced and became popular in the year 2000. 
  • LOLWUT: LOLWUT is an abbreviation that conveys the meaning of being confused while laughing. It is used by people when they are encountering funny yet abstract content such as a meme. 

What are the Foreign Equivalents of LMAO from other Languages?

Listed below are the foreign equivalents of LMAO from other languages.

  • kkkkk: kkkkk is the foreign equivalent of LMAO in the context of Korean language. Koreans expressed their laughter through the use of kkkkk. Koreans type kkkkk whenever they find something funny on the internet. Actually, the expression gained a lot of curiosity and confusion on the internet as non-Korean people are new to the term. LMAO and kkkkk are similar as they are both indicating laughter. 
  • 55555: 55555 is from the language of Thailand. In the Thai language 5 is read as “ha” which means, 55555 is “hahahahaha”. Thai people use the term to share their laughter across their peers on the internet, especially in Social Media Sites (SNS). Both the 55555 and LMAO are descriptions of laughter. However, 55555 lacks specificity in terms of intensity. 
  • www: The wwww is a term derived from the traditional Kanji character, “Warai” which means laughter in the context of Japanese language. “W’ was an innovation made by Japanese people as they refer to it as “ha”; therefore, wwww is “hahaha.” The www term and LMAO have the same expression and are allowed to be used interchangeably by anyone, especially the Japanese netizens. 
  • Jejeje: Jejeje is a variation of the word “hehehe.” It originates in the Philippines as the Filipino alphabet pronounces the letter “j” as “h.” “Jejeje” was introduced in the late 1990s to early 2000s and became extremely popular in the early 2010s. The Filipino word “jejeje” shows a shy laughter, while LMAO is a loud one. 
  • Mort de Rire (MDR): The abbreviation MDR is from the French language which means “dying of laughter.” It is used by senders to project how intense their laughter is. MDR and LMAO abbreviations are completely similar to each other. 

How do Content Writers use LMAO for communicating with Customers?

Content writers use LMAO to communicate with customers in an innovative and modern way. Internet slangs and abbreviations such as LMAO are used by content writers when they want to add some additional entertainment to their conversations with their customers. The abbreviation LMAO allows content writers to convey the laughing emotion they like to deliver in an instant, especially since online conversations take a lot of time compared to face-to-face ones. Content writers nowadays interact with customers more creatively to make them relate to the things they are discussing in SEO content writing. Using words that are just too conventional turn some customers off, mainly because they feel like they are talking to some sort of emotionless AI chatbots. 

Do Social Media Marketers use LMAO?

Yes, social media marketers use LMAO. Social media marketers pertain to the group of professionals who practice marketing on new platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They use these social media platforms to promote and endorse their products or services. The importance of being strategic and adaptive to social media trends defines how well social media marketing works. One way to thrive and gain huge engagements from customers is to use internet slang such as the abbreviation LMAO. The usage of LMAO attracts a large audience since it is highly relevant, especially nowadays when netizens are highly active on social media platforms. It is an abbreviation that aids in creating social media marketing that is both informative and entertaining. Using the abbreviation is beneficial as it serves as a catalyst for establishing a strong connection with customers. However, the excessive usage of the LMAO abbreviation is not advisable since it affects the quality of social media marketing. 

Is LMAO a not serious term for SEO Content?

Yes, the abbreviation LMAO is not a serious term for SEO content. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of writing content that contains relevant keywords, correct information, and optimized sentences to have a higher ranking, earning huge traffic. Content writer must follow the standard of E-A-T to provide high-quality content to readers. The abbreviation E-A-T or known as Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness is relevant to creating quality content because it is part of Google’s algorithm, which helps to rank high in search engines. On the other hand, a “not serious” term pertains to a group of words, phrases, and abbreviations that are mostly nonstandard and used for entertainment purposes. However, even though LMAO is not a serious term for SEO content, it is still being used by content writers and social media marketers in the context of funny and entertaining articles and advertisements. Given that SEO content relies on the relevance of the words being used. 

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What does LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off) Acronym Mean?

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